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Discovering Hidden Gems – Lesser Known Computer Software and Apps

A hidden gem is a destination or experience that isn’t well-known. It could be a local hang out spot, a unique museum or a scenic lookout point that isn’t written about in every guide book. Over tourism is also ruining some hidden gems. Take Fjadrargljufu, an Iceland canyon that was overrun by tourists after Justin Bieber filmed a music video there.

  1. iAuditor

iAuditor is a mobile-first workplace operations platform used by teams to inspect, audit, raise and resolve issues, manage assets and share professional reports instantly. It empowers businesses to prioritize safety proactively and drive operational excellence.

It can be difficult to pinpoint a single ideal software system even among well-publicized trendy applications. To avoid paying for a system that does not meet your business wants, do an extensive research.

  1. iAuditor Pro

iAuditor is one of the world’s most used software tools for auditing and inspections. With prepopulated audits for hotel inspectors, construction hazard inspections, and general workplace inspections, this mobile solution provides administrative teams with an easy way to digitize their work.

Features include a customizable app with universal linked data lists and detailed, specific, metric reporting. However, the software has some issues that could negatively affect its functionality.

  1. iAuditor Lite

New features and plenty of improvements behind the scenes. + Dark mode is here.

This b2b app maker is known for its digital inspection checklists and forms. It has a free version with limited functionality, as well as pricing plans starting at $9 per month and custom enterprise pricing upon quote. The app works offline and on Android and iPhones. It can also generate reports.

  1. iAuditor Pro Lite

iAuditor Pro Lite is an EHS auditing software solution designed for smaller organizations. It’s easy to use and requires ZERO administration. It includes a Mobile Client allowing BYOD deployment. Built-in Guidance puts professional EHS training at your staff’s fingertips. Detailed and specific metric reporting. It also has a 2-way API.

Open Android Emulator and drag SafetyCulture (iAuditor).xapk to the emulator. Enjoy it.

  1. iAuditor Pro

It is free for working teams of up to 10. Digitize checklist forms, conduct inspections, complete audits and generate reports.

This popular solution enables users to digitally transform their operations. With predesigned templates and a library of new templates available for download, iAuditor offers a wide range of functionality to manage inspections across industries. It also supports offline inspections. iAuditor is used by leading organizations in over a dozen countries.

  1. iAuditor Lite

The b2b inspection checklist app was recently boosted with a $23 million Series B investment by Index Ventures. Blackbird Ventures also participated in the round.

Digitize checklist forms, conduct inspections, and report results. It works offline and offers a variety of custom options. It is available for Android and iOS. The company offers a free version and subscription plans. The latter start at $9 per month for SMEs.

  1. iAuditor Pro

SafetyCulture’s iAuditor is one of the world’s most popular inspection apps for all sorts of industries. Whether you’re looking to digitize hotel inspections, construction hazard checks or general workplace audits, this mobile software is well-equipped with timers, customizable input screens and other useful features.

Every great hero needs a sidekick. iAuditor helps teams capture consistent data, raise standards and manage issues on the go.

  1. iAuditor Lite

This free app allows users to digitize checklist forms and conduct inspections. It is available on iPhone and Android.

The Australian company behind the b2b app has pulled in $23 million in series B funding from Index Ventures and Blackbird Ventures. It provides a free version with limited functionality, as well as pricing plans starting at $9 per month for SMEs and custom enterprise pricing upon request.

  1. iAuditor Pro

iAuditor Pro is an inspection software app from SafetyCulture that allows teams to digitize quality and safety audits. It helps empower teams to inspect, create checklists and generate audit reports from their mobile devices.

It has a range of prepopulated audits for hotel inspectors, construction hazard inspections and general workplace inspections. It also offers customizable forms and detailed metric reporting. It is also affordable and has responsive customer support.

  1. iAuditor Lite

SafetyCulture, maker of the iAuditor workplace inspection app, raised $23 million in Series B funding led by Index Ventures. The company says it facilitates one million safety and quality inspections per month.

New features include an improved barcode scanner, Dark Mode and a faster way to view open actions and historical multiple-choice responses. Plus plenty of other changes behind the scenes!