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Technology Vocabulary

To help you build up your technology vocabulary, here is a list of words related to technology. The words at the top of the list include science, engineering, computer, and internet. The words further down the list are less commonly associated with technology, but are still useful for your vocabulary. These words can be sorted by their meanings or by the most common usages. Alternatively, you can sort the words by starting with a specific letter.

You can also try to filter by their frequency. The frequency data is taken from the English Wikipedia corpus. This data may not be useful to you, but it can help you learn some of the terms in a new way. Try using Wordle to expand your vocabulary! You’ll be amazed by the results! You can learn more about the latest developments in the technology world. You can also learn how to write articles in your own language!

There are many different fields within the Information Technology field, and you might not even realize it. Large businesses have entire departments and companies dedicated to this field. As a result, it’s important to learn the language and terminology of this industry, as you can apply for a job in one of these fields. If you’re currently employed in an IT role, or you’re considering a career in the field, you’ll need to know the vocabulary used by these professionals. You might work as a computer technician or on the technical support team.

A technology word wall vocabulary deck includes 78 cards related to technology. You can print the cards out, cut along the line, and stick them around your classroom. Each card explains a specific technology word, and a blank sheet is included for students to add their own cards. Another benefit to Technology Vocabulary Flash Cards is that they are made for beginning readers and ELL students. There is a lot of overlap between vocabulary lists, so you can mix and match the vocabulary cards for your own lessons.

Another useful resource for developing vocabulary related to technology is the internet. Whether you are studying for your IELTS speaking exam or just learning English for general purposes, technology is everywhere. The internet is a great resource for research, and bookmarking web pages can help you save time and effort. Cutting and pasting sections of text is a great way to experiment with organisation and structure. You can also find technology vocabulary tests in the Speaking and Advanced modules.

While many websites help you find synonyms for words, few of them offer other related vocabulary. In fact, some words have different relationships with technology, which is why you can find opposite meanings in these lists. You may also find some words with similar meanings in a technology vocabulary list. It’s helpful to explore alternative words as well. For example, a word that means a giant tortoise can be associated with the opposite meaning of technology.