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The Virtual Photonics Technology Initiative

The Virtual Photonics Technology Initiative, or VPTI, is an open-source project aimed at creating the most efficient lighting and display technologies. The project has a wide variety of goals and uses. Its mission is to help society and industry improve their lives by developing new technologies and materials. It has several benefits, such as the creation of a cheaper, more reliable, and higher-performance lighting system. This technology will be useful for various industries, including automotive, electronics, and biomedical research.

The LEAP network began at MIT and includes five integrated photonics-based labs in Massachusetts. Each LEAP focuses on a specific industry sector and has its own goal, including STEM education, workforce development, and industry/academic collaboration. MIT’s LEAP focuses on packaging, while the Worcester Polytechnic Institute’s LEAP focuses on biomedical applications. The LEAP at Stonehill College, meanwhile, focuses on materials characterization and high-speed device testing. And the LEAP at Western New England University focuses on high-power lasers and mid-infrared lasers.

The BRICS Virtual Institute of Photonics is a networking initiative that brings together researchers and educators from each country to coordinate their efforts in photonics. The BRICS Photonic Ecosystem aims to address social challenges by advancing photonic-based technologies. The VPI is an active network that integrates different Photonics-related activities, provides information on the progress of these technologies, and coordinates educational programmes. The VPI was approved by the BRICS Ministers of Science, Technology, and Innovation in 2018.

The MPSP’s research marketing challenge is to bring diversity in the photonics community closer to applicants, students, and the international photonics community. Playful and fun marketing is more appealing to the minds of tomorrow’s top researchers than conventional marketing strategies. Virtual escape rooms are a highly effective marketing tool. A team of researchers can participate in a virtual photonics escape room competition in one of these virtual escape rooms.

The state of New York has made a large investment in photonics, which will lead to an array of new opportunities. The state has also taken steps to attract manufacturers of photonics technology. The TAP facility at ON Semiconductor, located in Rochester, is expected to open this summer. It will house the AIM Photonics Center, which was once a Kodak factory. The VPI is one of the first steps in promoting photonics in the region.