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Top 5 Network Security Podcasts

The Network Security Podcast features interviews with hackers, security experts, journalists, and politicians about current events and the state of cybersecurity. It links the dots between the early days of cybercrime and the stories we hear about data breaches today. Whether you’re curious about how hackers operate, or you’re just looking for a quick fix, there’s a network security podcast out there for you. The episodes are a good listen, and you’re sure to learn something from them.

The 443 @ Secplicity podcast is owned by security specialists Watchguard and features insights from cyber security industry experts. They present a well-balanced mix of fact and opinion to give listeners a unique perspective on the world of cyber-crime. These episodes are geared toward the average web user, but they’re also valuable for IT professionals. In addition to providing relevant cyber security information, this podcast also covers the psychology of social engineering.

The Social-Engineer Podcast is an informative and entertaining show dedicated to security news. It features regular interviews with high-profile security experts and vendors. Typically, two guests per episode are interviewed for the show. Show notes feature links to the stories discussed in each episode. The show was awarded “Best Security Podcast” in 2016.

On Security Now! hosts a variety of topics about cybersecurity. They’re well-sourced and detailed, yet entertaining. They cover a wide range of topics, from basic cybersecurity basics to vital issues that affect all businesses. The podcast is a great resource for IT professionals who want to keep up with the latest in InfoSec news. Whether you’re new to the industry or looking for some tips, these podcasts can help you understand how cybersecurity works.

PaulDotCom Security Weekly is another podcast worth checking out. The weekly show covers the technical aspects of cybersecurity. It includes topics ranging from the latest cryptography algorithm to Coinbase’s bounty. The hosts offer thought-provoking content, and liberally sprinkle politics in their discussions. The show runs around two or three hours and is available on iTunes, Apple Podcasts, and more. It’s not hard to find the best network security podcast out there. So, go listen up!

Among the most popular cybersecurity podcasts, Unsupervised Learning provides weekly updates on current developments in the world of technology and society. Host Daniel Miessler discusses new research and provides a weekly cybersecurity update. His goal is to make people aware of current IT and security issues. His podcast is a good fit for businesses. Whether you’re an IT security professional, or a consumer, this podcast will help you gain a better understanding of cybersecurity.

Another popular network security podcast is Hak 5. This show is best known for its videos and has at least 100 ratings on Apple Podcasts. In addition to security-related topics, Hak 5 also features a wide variety of penetration testing devices and tips that can help you stay ahead of cyber-attacks. It also offers a wealth of information, as the hosts are all experienced IT journalists who regularly cover the industry’s newest developments.